Fleurs de Nadia

In Adelaide, we are lucky to enjoy one of the most incredibly lush and fertile landscapes. Year round, our produce is spectacular and diverse. I take advantage of this by sourcing every fleur and stem from local growers in and around the Adelaide hills. Sometimes even a branch or two from my garden! I nurture my relationships with growers to bring the best to you. Every arrangement from Fleurs de Nadia is thus, sustainable and seasonal.

An authentic connection to local nature is to be found in every arrangement. My floral designs play on seasonal themes. I am inspired by the interesting forms and shapes of unusual plants. With this in mind, creations merge botanical, floral and vegetable alike to build a design of marvellous vibrancy, colour and variety.

Because our fleurs are locally sourced, some can live on with re-planting. I will advise on how to do this so that you can keep the memory of your Fleurs de Nadia moment alive.

Please contact Fleurs de Nadia Flowers to discuss all your fleurs requirements.


Fleur Care

  • After receiving your Fleurs de Nadia flowers, fill a clean vase with cool water. Ensure the vase has been washed with detergent or an antibacterial solution.
  • If there are leaves that reach below the water line, remove them. Leaves under the water will promote bacterial disintegration.
  • If your flowers have been out of water for some time, trim up to an inch from the stem. Use sharp scissors, a knife for a clean cut. This will help your flowers to absorb water quickly.
  • To prevent dehydration, keep your flowers away from sunlight, heating/cooling vents, ceiling fans and atop television sets. Ideally, maintain a temperature of 18-22 degrees.
  • Every 3-5 days, it is good practise to trim the stems and refresh the water. Your flowers will enjoy a longer life with this maintenance.