Nadia Straschko

Hello, I'm Nadia.

Conjuring a particular beginning point for my floral journey is a difficult task. Their role in my life has always been present. I remember watching my grandmother, who until the age of 92, grew the most beautiful flowers in her garden. My mothers Ukrainian linen, with its delicately embroidered petals fascinated my imagination. These moments connected me to the way fleurs represent meaning in my heritage. To this day, florals have never been far from my sight. Naturally, I moved to surround myself with them.

Beginning academically with Agriculture studies at Roseworthy, I began to feel compelled
to follow a more creative path. I progressed onto floristry in Sydney, curating my craft and
style of composition. The sumptuous vegetation I craved in order to realise my floral visions was however, lacking in the big city. After relocating to Adelaide, I feel spoilt and nourished by the nature here. I am privileged to work with local growers and have my own flourishing garden. With Fleurs de Nadia, I now have the pleasure of bringing my heritage, experience and craft through fleurs to you.